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Breen Hunters: The Hole (Part 1 of 3)

Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 8:19pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Sandrine Ngamba & Lieutenant Xavier Leiko & Lieutenant Ren Trell & Centurion Llaiir t'Seroht & Lieutenant Alistair Nicholas
Edited on on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 8:19pm

Mission: Entropy
Location: Outskirts of Pra Grav, Arsakon VII

Previously on "The Inaugural Meeting of the I Saw the Damn Breen Committee"...

"Bodris, if you could please lead the way, I believe we have some work to do," Xavier said, wanting to get started before the energy traces were lost to them forever.

"Actually, if I may, lieutenant," Sandrine said, speaking up for the first time. "I believe we might benefit from you having reviewed the sensor data first. It might help narrow down an area of investigation so that we're not aimlessly wandering around the foothills." Following this unreliable witness, she seemed to imply between the lines. She turned to Gul Prin with a warm smile, "In order to more efficiently utilize our collective resources." Carefully, she turned to Bodris. "So that we can apprehend the offenders who are trespassing on your land, yes?"

"You're damned right," Bodris replied in a huff. He made a wide, aggressive gesture toward Gul Prin - half admonishment, half encouragement - and stomped off toward the door.

And now the continuation…

"I told you," Bodris said, gesturing to the ground.

There was a hole in the ground annnd… That was about it.

Though she was the most junior member of the party, Sandrine Ngamba couldn't hold her tongue any longer. And she didn't think the lieutenants or the centurion or the gul would hold it against her. Bodris Gantrell had been a nuisance from the moment they'd encountered him in the militia commander's office. Now, seeing him there with that smug and vindicated look on his face inflamed her temper with the sudden heat of a savannah wildfire.

"You told us what?" Sandrine demanded, staring down at the hole. Her thick African accent dragged out syllables here and there, giving an exasperated effect to everything she said. "All I see is a hole in the ground. I thought you reported seeing Breen, not holes in the ground? Do Breen dig holes in the ground everywhere they go? Someone enlighten me, because I do not know."

Xavier honestly didn't know whether he should shout at the crewman or high-five her. After all, she had only said what everyone else had wanted to say from the moment they first met this unpleasant man. But, there was a time and a place, and as representatives from the Federation they had to keep the peace, they had to. They were above the pettiness. Well, at least they were meant to be. But damn, if he had a holo-camera and captured the look of pure revolt on Bodris' face, it might have made the whole situation worth it.

"What the crewman meant," Xavier cut in before Bodris had a chance to, "was what is the significance of this hole and how does it help in our investigation?" He gazed at the Petty Officer and made a mental note to speak to her later about diplomatic relations.

Ren had remained silent during the investigation. He was new on the Triton, having arrived after things had begun, so he was catching up. He still hadn't met everyone; he was feeling like the new kid that just moved into the neighborhood. He wanted to make a good impression, so he wanted to make sure he had something valuable to contribute.

"Well," Bodris said, pulling at his waistband in an authoritative gesture before bending down to gesture at the hole. "First of all, I didn't dig it. And second of all, there used to be a plant here - a new variety of jora berry I got from Ino Beit. It was one of the ones that got hit over at her place, but in a good way. Took it from a little seedling to a damn full-grown plant overnight. We figured we might see how it'd do up here in the hills, thought it might take to 'em."

After suffering from a bad case of foot-in-mouth during their last encounter, Llaiir had kept quiet. A simple smirk was all the response she gave, this Romulan found herself in complete agreement with the Human Sandrine. Instead of piping up, she pulled out her tricorder from her belt holster and knelt by the rim of the hole. The top of the scanner extended slightly as small beeping noises came from the device. She was scanning for traces of radiation or alloys that would point to whatever made this hole in the ground.

Alistair looked between the centurion and the unfolding scene. Then his gaze lazily lingered on Xavier and Ren, making sure to give Sandrine a mild glance before he turned to Bodris. "May I ask how many people you are aware of that have frequented this area since the disappearance of your jora berries?" He gave pause. "... Is there also a chance we could speak to Ino Beit? There is a clear sign someone or something took the berry, but if we could get a sample of this specific variety, there may be a chance your thief took off on foot." Any potential lead they had was a good lead.

"Yeah, I'm sure Ino'll talk your ear off. She's meetin' with your science muckity-mucks cuz her vineyard's been hit the hardest so far," Bodris said, squinting and gesturing somewhere toward the horizon. "Nobody should've been over here. None of my workers have come out this way lately. But if somebody was over here I bet you a whole solid bar of gold-pressed latinum that it was the Breen."

Ren frowned. The Breen. If it was them, he'd be jumping into it on his first mission on his new assignment.

Xavier liked the way the security team was working, despite their off-hand comments. They were rather thorough in their investigation and were leaving no stone unturned. He hadn't brought any of his team with him as he wanted them to focus on the sensor scan from the ship while he did the ground investigation. In hindsight he probably should have had a few of them with him, but it was hard enough trying to keep Bodris focused with the amount of people already here. He clearly loved attention, and Xavier had the feeling Bodris would be dining out on this story for years to come.

"Have you found anything Centurion t'Seroht?" Xavier asked.

Standing to give a more respectful answer, Llaiir replied, "Only half answers." Holding up the device in a mock point to the hole in the ground, she added, "There are traces of materials used to make Breen ships; however, those same materials can be found in Klingon and Ferengi alloys. There is a possible tachyon match, but the difference between a Breen signature and Federation signature fall within the margin for this far out from the event. It will require a bit more in-depth study than a tricorder can deliver."

"Make sure you send all data back to the ship," Xavier replied. "Once my team reconfigures the sensor pod to match the atmospheric disturbances, we should have a much clearer picture on what we're dealing with." Xavier pointed at Lieutenant Nicholas, "You're with me, Lieutenant. Our job will be to scan for any Breen energy signatures. Equipment, weapons, anything that can confirm that the Breen were actually here. The Centurion, Lieutenant Trell, and Crewman Ngamba will continue to look for physical proof of Breen activity. Remember to all set your tricorders to the scanning range on the delta bandwave as we discussed. This should counteract any ionic fluctuations from the atmosphere. Any questions?"

Ren made sure his tricorder was set properly, but he didn't ask anything yet.

Sandrine said nothing as she fiddled with her tricorder, changing various settings to make it a more useful tool for finding forensic evidence. Which didn't mean she had nothing to say. She had plenty to say. (Most of it was aimed at Bodris.) But she'd learned her lesson from the earlier outburst and thought it best to focus on the investigation at hand.

"Okay, let's go hunting," Xavier said as he flipped open his tricorder and walked off further up the slope.

Lieutenant Xavier Leiko
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