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Busy Buzzers Buzzing

Posted on Wed Jul 15th, 2020 @ 10:28am by Lieutenant Commander Vriaral Dariars & Lieutenant Commander Haneul Seong

Mission: Entropy
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: MD - 14 : 1302 Hrs

Vriaral was stood inside the holodeck running a simulation when the arch abruptly appeared making the simulation stop and himself turn around to see who was interrupting him calibrating when the holodeck was not booked out to anyone. He did not normally do anything like holodeck calibrating or checking relays so it was a refreshing change to be doing something different after his last two postings. ā€œCan I help you?ā€ He wondered not recognising the other officer at all.

"I was just here to make sure the holodecks existed. Last assignment I had didn't have holodecks in ship. Novas are cute little things, just not the ship-type for me." Han had also noticed no one had booked the holodeck while the ship was being worked on. His intention was not to actually turning the thing on, more to actually make sure it was there and he hadn't hallucinated it when he looked over the ship's specifications. "Nothing to worry about, I won't disrupt your work... unless you intend to turn it on, then I wanna see, if that's not too much to ask."

"Yes on Nova's you require a lot more entertainment and most are not for the faint-hearted or people who do not appreciate a lot of science talking." Viraral could not help but agree as his last assignment had been a Nova himself. Vriaral bite at the prospect of turning the holodeck on and turned. "What programme would you like?" He asked.

Han took in a deep breath, before revealing a wild grin. From his jacket pocket, he pulled out two isochips, one blue and one red in color. "Two options. One is a simple program, one I'll use for running. Nothing too intensive." He held up the blue isochip. "But this other one, this one I got from one of the pilots. He said an engineer that ran with the Captain was developing a version of this, and this," he held up the red one, "This one contains the download file that will have us in the new version of his world. It's something that apparently changes based on what people do with it."

Vriaral stayed neutral but at least the other man looked interested in this even if it was mundane. "Dealers choice." Vriaral offered with a shrug. Either one would allow him to carry on calibrating the holodeck without much of his attention being diverted.

"Red one it is." Han didn't waste any time with double-checking. Instead, he turned to the nearby console to begin the upload, sticking the isochip into one of the slots provided. "I'm surprised we're still on isos in the holodeck. I bet we've not upgrade the tech yet." He paused, wild grin remaining. "Say, you're one of the engineers on the ship aren't you? I'm Han."

"I am not just one of the engineers. I am the chief of the engineers." The Trill quickly explained, knowing it was a little odd for the Chief Engineer to be doing holodeck calibrations but he found sometimes the best leaders did the little boring tasks to keep themselves from getting too high and mighty. The man had been under many Chief Engineers who did not believe in things like that and made it unbearable to work with. "And you are the Executive Officer?" He questioned recognising the name.

"That's correct." Han shifted his weight back and forth on the balls of his feet as he watched the console download the information. Then he scrunched his nose. Why did it always take so long? The lines of code began to slowly write their way across the screen, and Han's eyes glazed over in an equally snail-y fashion. "... So what brings you to the Triton, Vriaral? She's not top of the line, unless you count the QSD."

"Different kind of atmosphere with some like-minded people." Vriaral shrugged running a hand through his hair realising just how long it was getting. He would need to go to the barber on the base before they left to sort it. He just had not had the time apart to try and do what he wanted to do with only three days between Archimedes and being told to meet Rezvani at Starbase 50.

"Like-minded?" Han gave a frown as the console screen went dark. That was new. "You mean, scientifically-minded or 'smaller, everyone knows everyone ship' minded?" Reaching down, Han gave the isochip a little wiggle, before tapping the side of the screen. The console sprang to life, running a number of codes before the holodeck fizzled into the program's procedures. A clear, blue sky materialized overhead, while hills rolled in just afterward. But, there was a constant buzz overhead. "... That's weird. You think it's supposed to do that?"

"Everyone knows everyone minded. I hope this ship is different from the last variant I was on." Vriaral tried not to think on his last posting and the chaos that had led him to be a pariah instead of how he had always been the best in his field. Vriaral looked up and reopened his tricorder to scan. "I do not know." He admitted. "You have never played it before right?" The Trill liked to confirm sometimes.

"Nope. Got it from that pilot." Han peered at the readings on the console, as if it would tell him more than what the actual program was about. Nothing. He frowned, putting a hand on his hips as he looked about. "At least the hills look nice, wouldn't you say? High definition, all refined. If this is a homemade holosimm, it's been worked on for awhile."

"And it has been scanned for viruses?" He checked blinking at the high definition. It was certainly refined for a homemade holosimm but the buzzing was bugging him, something about it was not right for the hills around them. "So what is the programme design to do? Does it have some type of activity?"

Han gave a shrug. "Got me. The pilot said he had played it on his last assignment, so I assume there was a-GIANT BEE! THAT'S A GIANT BEE!" He pointed, and sure enough, in that exact direction was a gigantic, angry-looking yellow and black bug buzzing straight for them. Above its head was a glowing red bar, with the words 'Killer Bee' written upon it

Vriaral had been all for stopping the program when he turned and saw what had made the man cry out and be loud. "The safeties are on right?" The Chief Engineer demanded. He had a huge fear of insect stingers since his joining and he did not want to die right then and there.

"Yes?" Han's statement turned into more of a question, as he searched around the vast plain lands for anything that resembled a weapon. Like a giant hypo-can of bug spray. He frowned. "Computer, pause simulation?"

As the bee bared down upon the pair, a pleasant chime rang overhead, and the whole realm around them froze. The buzzing ceased as the bee hovered in mid-air, wings as un-moving as the rest of it. Han let out a breath. "... What simulation wants giant bees in it?"

It was a good question. Who in their right mind added giant bees that came at them. It was not fun unless it was was the plan to encourage running. "I do not know. But all my testing is done. The holodeck passed." Vriaral quickly surmised as he rolled his eyes at the bee. He would be avoiding this program.

"That's good. Good to know safeties were on your holodeck testing routine." Han pointed out, before waving his arm around the console area. Finally, the console re-appeared to allow him to take a better look at the program they found themselves in. "... I'll have to give this one a better look-over. But for the moment, I think we're done here, huh?"

"Oh certainly. Pleasure meeting you sir but let's not do this again." Vriaral commented on quickly. He would definitely leave the holodeck for an enlisted crewman in future.

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