USS Triton

Deck Listing

Sensor Pod – A Level · Sensor Pod – B Level · Deck 1 · Deck 2 · Deck 3 · Deck 4 · Deck 5 · Deck 6 · Deck 7 · Deck 8 · Deck 9 · Deck 10 · Deck 11 · Deck 12 · Deck 13 · Deck 14 · Deck 15 · Deck 16

Sensor Pod – A Level

Probe Launch Tubes 1-3, Primary and Secondary Sensor Arrays, Scientific Analysis center (unmanned)

Sensor Pod – B Level

Pod section life support control

Deck 1

Main Bridge, CO’s Ready Room, Observation Lounge

Deck 2

XO’s Office, Chief of the Boats’ Office, Officer’s Quarters, Holodecks 1-2, Astrometrics Laboratory, Upper Phaser Array

Deck 3

Crew Quarters, Holodeck 3, Arboretum, Ship’s Lounge, Main Mess Hall

Deck 4

Crew Quarters, Holodecks 5-6, Diplomatic Facilities, Chief Diplomatic Officer’s Office, Transporter Room One

Deck 5

Computer Core Level One, Ship Operations Centre, Primary Power Distribution Systems, Chief Operations Officer’s Office, Upper Shuttlebay, Chief Flight Control Officer’s Office, Crew Quarters, Captain’s Yacht

Deck 6

Computer Core Level Two, Shuttlebay, Industrial Replicator 1, Shuttle Repair Bay, Primary Forward Phaser Array, Secondary Command Processors

Deck 7

Computer Core Level Three, Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer’s Office, Medical Laboratories 1-3, Isolation Ward, Operating Theatre, Counselor's Office, Transporter rooms 2-3, Secondary Life Support, Life Support Isolation sub-systems

Deck 8

Computer Core Level Four Chief Tactical / Security Officer’s Office, Security Centre, Armoury, Torpedo Storage, Torpedo Launchers 1-2, Secondary Forward Phaser Array, Rear Phaser Array, Transporter Room 4

Deck 9

Computer Core Level Five, Chief Science Officer’s Office, Science Labs 1-7, Secondary sensor Array, Environmental Systems Control

Deck 10

Science Labs 7-10, Hazardous Materials Lab, Deflector Control, Anti-matter Generator, Anti-matter storage, Primary Command Processors, Secondary Computer Core, Level One, Secondary Power Distribution Systems

Deck 11

Quartermasters’ Stores, Cargo Bays 1-8, Cargo Transporters 1-8, Secondary Computer Core, Level Two, Industrial Replicators 2-4, Hydroponics Bay

Deck 12

Primary Shield Generators, Fusion Reactors, Primary Life Support, Tractor Array Assembly, Communications Array, Secondary Computer Core, Level Three

Deck 13

Main Engineering (Upper), Fusion Reactors, Warp Nacelle Access, Secondary Computer Core, Level Four

Deck 14

Main Engineering (Central), Chief Engineering Officer’s Office, Tertiary Command Processors, Secondary Computer Core, Level Five

Deck 15

Main Engineering (Lower), Secondary Shield Generators, Impulse Assembly, Thruster Assembly, Thruster Fuel Storage Tank

Deck 16

Lower Phaser Array, Waste Management, Warp Core Ejection System, Deuterium Storage Tanks