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Centurion Llaiir t'Seroht

Name Llaiir i-Rihan t'Seroht

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Centurion

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Orientation Unknown
Age 45
Birthdate 2351
Birthplace Romulus

Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Black with Red Highlights
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall and lean, Llaiir has an intensity that is hard to describe. She is a blizzard hiding a firestorm. Llaiir wears her hair a bit longer than most other Rihanha, which helps hide her ears and forehead ridges when interacting with non-Romulans. She is born from proud Senatorial family, which manifests in a certain air of confidence. Like most Romulans, she is slightly taller than Human females while being a bit thinner. Her hair usually covers her pointed ears and forehead ridges, which make her appear more Human. When not in her Starfleet yellows, Llaiir opts for earthy tones with pants, a white shirt, and her favorite brown leather jacket. Despite being 45, Vulcanoiod longevity gives her the appearance of a Human in her late twenties.


Father Jarok i-Rihan tr'Seroht: A proud Senator of the Romulan Imperial Senate, Jarok had served since the aftermath of Shinzon's coup. He was one of the more outspoken members of the senatorial camp to push for strengthening relations with the Federation. Since the Hobus disaster, Jarok dove headlong into the refugee relocation effort. Most of his house's resources were put into ships and supplies for the refugees, and he worked closely with Federation representatives to relocate Romulans into the Federation. However, once the synths attack on Mars, the Federation has been a bit colder to the idea of moving Romulans within its borders. Now, he focuses efforts on locating suitable Class M planets withing the Empire's borders.
Mother Vrina i-Aihai t'Seroht: The matriarch of the family. Vrina's sole focus has been her children. She taught Alidar and Llaiir that there was value in learning, not just for the practicalities of knowing more but for the enjoyment of expanding a person's own horizons. Her position as the family's matriarch in no way diminished her own ambitions. She had once been a promising student of engineering. She had been part of the original D'deridex research and development before going into semi-retirement when she took the helm of her family.
Brother(s) Alidar i-ch'Rihan tr'Seroht: He is his father's son. Groomed to take over the Senatorial seat from Jarok, Alidar followed in their father's footsteps from birth. He studied Science and joined the Imperial Navy, eventually taking over his family's own D'deridex warship. After Hobus, he followed his father's way of working to help relocate Romulan refugees. Once the Federation isolated itself, Alidar joined the Officer exchange program in order to help prove that Romulans were not the bad guys in the quadrant. His first assignment was as the Chief Science officer of the USS Missouri. After the ship's destruction in during a failed plot by members of the ship's department heads to steal the Ambassador-class, Alidar was field promoted to Commander and became the First Officer of the USS Endeavour in Obsidian Fleet. However, once the ship was retired and decommissioned, Alidar went back to Romulan space to resume refugee duties.

Personality & Traits

General Overview To those who are not in her inner circle, she is cold hearted and extremely practical. She is extremely focused, which can come off as intense. Llaiir is intelligent and is never one to pass up a good opportunity. She does have a rather dry sense of humor and is compassionate, but that is rarely seen outside of those who really know her. Around other Romulans, she is a social butterfly and enjoys company. However, she is still new to life outside the Empire, she has heard horror stories from refugees and had seen the unfortunate circumstances on Vashti. She still holds the Federation in high regard, at least when compared to other Romulans despite evidence that it no longer cares for her people. While not part of the reunification movement, she tends to view Vulcans as a cousin lost in a family dispute that needs to be ended.

Prior to the Hobus incident, Llaiir had a very good life. Compared to other Romulans, she still does. However, she has seen her share of hardships and heartache over the decade. Those situations have left her a little harder, more pragmatic, and a little more appreciative of the good side of the universe.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Capable and Intelligent
+ Well practiced in Llaekh-ae'rl (Romulan karate) as well as ship-to-ship combat
+ A firm grasp of reality and her purpose

- Has a tenancy to be wary of everything
- Brutally honest
- Pointed ears and isn't Vulcan
Ambitions Her true ambition is to prove to the rest of the Quadrant the worth of her people. The Romulans are doown and facing a species defining moment, but they are still standing in need of help. She hopes that her presence and her actions will convince a voice in the Federation to speak for her people.
Hobbies & Interests Llaiir drowns herself in quadrant politics and keeps herself sharp in training, both on the ground and in space. She tends to avoid the holodeck because it lacks any real sense of danger and life. Llaiir is also very interested in the history of the quadrant's species. When necessary, Llaiir can find herself enjoying games of varying types and origins.
Language(s) Spoken Romulan, Federation Standard, Vulcan

Personal History Llaiir was born to a noble house in that had control over a Senate seat. They were not of the highest birth, but they are a respected noble house within the Romulan Empire. Not being of the highest order left a hunger in the family where more than a few of their house have historically reached further than their lot because of ambition and drive in order to push their house forward.

While growing up, Llaiir and her older brother Alidar spent much time aboard their family's flagship. It was a large D'Deridex, the Sienov. With her grandfather serving as the Senator, their father Jarok served as the Commanding Officer of the family's pride. Jarok encourage both of his children to come aboard and learn about the ship and what each department meant to the survival of the ship. Both were groomed to take over leadership of the House and fleet when their time came.

Her grandfather had begun his family's rise to the upper crust by nominally adopting a more populist attitude and striving to help those in the Empire who had been left behind. He nominally supported closer ties to the Federation and more rights for the common Romulan within the Empire. This rubbed off on Jarok then to Llaiir as they were taught to feel this way. Llaiir's grandfather was one of the only Senators to support military action against the Dominion from the beginning.

Upon her eighteenth birthday, Llaiir was admitted into the Romulan Imperial Academy as were the heirs of most Houses in her position. While there, she jumped at the Tactical path due to the love she had for he martial arts growing up with her tutors and pursued that as her career. She focused her time and put everything into her studies, which allowed Llaiir to graduate near the top of her class.

When she graduated Llaiirr was given a spot aboard her family's flagship, the Sienov. Jarok wanted his children to learn to lead by learning to serve, so forced Llair to start on the bottom. As the years went by, Llaiir proved herself capable in both military endeavors and in leadership ability. By the time the Dominion War broke out, Llaiir served as the Chief Tactical Officer as well as the Second Officer to her father and brother throughout the war. She was awarded a medal for bravery from the Empire because of an injury she received during the Battle of Cardassia. The Sienov was badly damaged in battle while Llaiir led the team that held off a Jem'hadr boarding party.

With her brother, Alidar, being sent off to become a diplomat, Llaiir filled his spot in the hierarchy. She helped to oversee the development of the family's new flagship. She chose the newer Valdore as the replacement due to it's more sleek and modern design as the D'Deridex had become unwieldy.

Upon her brother's return home, construction of the new Valdore-class had completed and it was named the Hathos. While officially the Second Officer and Chief Tactical Officer, Llaiir served as First Officer while her father served on the Senate after their grandfather was killed during Shinzon's coup. Most of missions were those of exploration on the far side of the Empire, though they did get to have some amount of contact with the Breen.

As soon as the Hobus disater happened, all of House Seroht was recalled to their summer home away from Romulus. It was discussed that their people would need to either rely on the Klingons or the Federation to help them overcome what had just happened. With the Klingons being blood-enemies with the Romulans, the House had only one option. Alidar volunteered to join the Federation's Officer Exchange Program as the first ever Romulan volunteer and Llaiir chose to take his place as the leader of the House fleets. Those House fleets were then put to use in the growing refugee situation. Often, they carried much needed supplies, medical aid, and even acted as transports for refugees fleeing the blast zone.

Llaiir, being slightly more progressive than the average Romulan, oversaw the protection of relief convoys coming into the Empire from the Federation. She also got to hone her command and combat abilities as she took on raiders and slavers who chose to interdict trade and take advantage of the weakened Empire. While Alidar made his own name in the Federation, she earned recognition among her people. However, once Alidar returned after his starship had been decommissioned, Llaiir took up th mantle of representing her people in the Federation. She joined the Officer Exchange Program for the same reasons as her brother did before her, to prove that Romulans are not the enemies that they have always seemed.
Service Record USS Triton - Luna-Class 2396-Present
- Chief Security Officer

I.K.R. Hathos (Tracker) - Valdore-Class 2376-2396
- Commanding Officer since 2387
- Executive Officer, 2376-2387

I.K.R. Sienov (Sword) - D'Deridex-Class, 2370-2375
- Chief Tactical Officer, 2373-2375
- Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, 2372-2373
- Tactical Officer, Erein (Ensign)

Imperial Academy - Rihan (Romulus), 2266-2270
- Tactical Path
- Tactics, Ship Battle Theory, Galactic History