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Lieutenant Commander Haneul Seong

Name Haneul Gi Seong

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Birthdate June 12th 2364
Birthplace Busan, South Korea

Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 190 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Han is a lean man, keeping his appearance as clean-cut and neat as possible. His hair is cut short, keeping to itself despite the looming threat of it getting into his view. When off-duty, he takes the opportunity to wear the loungiest of lounge clothes, typically sweatpants or workout shorts and a plain shirt, all with little starfleet insignia on them. When on-duty, he wears what he needs to... for the most part, when it's important. Whenever he finds the opportunity, he will take off his uniform jacket as if it's some sort of nuisance that has gotten in his way. More times than not, people will find the jacket hanging off of something, or lying across his desk.


Father Tae Shin Seong
Mother Hae Ahn Seong

Personality & Traits

General Overview While he may not have thought himself a natural born leader, Han is always making every attempt to appear approachable no matter what he's doing. He always stresses an open door policy, making every attempt to appear more friendly and personable. Part of this is due to his desire for personal connection, even on a slight level, but it has helped him into his leadership roles, allowing him to see perspectives from as many levels as possible. He is extremely aware of his lack of knowledge and is more than willing to get the correct knowledge from the correct people to do it.

Han, for the most part, is a fairly calm sort of guy. He loves life and enjoys the company of others regularly. An extrovert by nature, Han is more than willing to just sit down with someone and talk with them, even if it's about something that appears absolutely menial to him. He values everyone he's ever worked with, even if he's been frustrated with them over one thing or the other.

When he's off-duty is the only time he'll make alone time for himself, whether it be to keep his work-out routine around the ship or to catch up on the latest holodrama that has just come out. Not that that changes his desire to chat up just about anyone, and will happily put whatever he's doing down in exchange for a chat.

The rare occasions when he appears less approachable are when the situation arises that he needs to focus. He throws himself hard into his duties, and only comes out when he has a moment to step back or when he can reflect. His impulsiveness is a work in progress, and he'll find himself back pedaling more often than not, not out of a lack of confidence or a second guess, but because he is more than willing to admit that he may be wrong if someone pops up and goes 'hey, that's going to get us killed.'
Strengths & Weaknesses + Takes initiative
+ Approachable
+ Enthusiastic
+ Confident

- Excitable
- Impulsive
- Lacks specialty knowledge
- Tunnel vision
Ambitions Han has the sole ambition to prove that he can carve a good living for himself as a Starfleet officer. He has a desire to run his own ship, but if that does not pan out in the span of his career, he'll settle no less than for the self-pride of being able to keep on the way he has continued to.
Hobbies & Interests Holo novels and movies of just about any sort are at the top of his list. He'll sit down and watch anything and everything that tells a story, especially a good one.

His working out is almost a hobby of his on it's own. He typically takes runs in a pre-designed holodeck environment or around the ship, but if he spies that someone else has a different plan, he's more than happy to jump in and ask them all the questions about it.
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Benzite, Vulcan

Personal History Haneul was born to the Seong family with high expectations hovering above his head. Second of two children and the only son, his parents looked to him to honor the family name and continue the lineage. Predictably, the young boy was pulled through similar schooling that his elder sister had been put through, most of which included some form of extra education on top of everything else. He would swiftly find, at an early age, that his interest in education was limited.

Despite his distaste, Han made it through school with the best marks that he could muster, which, admittedly, were not the most outstanding, which in turn impacted his future and his parents' dispositions around him. Han turned to volunteer work in order to salvage his potential. He found his calling in carework, and spent most of his time volunteering at animal shelters and homes for the elderly. During these trips, the young man gathered quite a few interesting stories, one of which being from a former, highly decorated Starfleet official. He spoke of glorious tales of adventure and war, meeting new races and experiencing things that no one else in the home was able to experience. Every time the boy came, he sat and listened to the old former Admiral, who wove every extravagant tale he could possibly imagine, and more. There were already fantastical tales of Starfleet throughout his school. Having more tales from a first hand experience only fueled the fire.

Much to his parents' distaste, Han immediately applied the first moment he was able to, managing to squeak by the admission test without looking too abysmally unintelligent.

While he may have made it through the admission test, Han discovered that there was more to all of this education that required less ‘fake before make’ and more ‘learn or burn.’ While the thought of failing his only desire hovered over him, Han would utilize that spark to fuel him to succeeding in school. He dove into flight control, leaping into any seminar or class that would allow him to beyond that. If he could not fake it, he was going to learn as much as he could. His push to make himself more marketable caught the eye of one of the instructors, and he was recommended for a senior tour to the USS Vegas, an opportunity he jumped at the chance to complete.

From the moment he stepped upon the Vegas through the four years of his assignment, Han took the chance to hone his skills behind the conn, but also took the opportunity to continue to learn on the large ship. He proved as valuable asset as he could with the limited abilities he had, but his helpfulness eventually earned him a reassignment as full Flight Control Officer on the USS Taurus, where he continued his assimilation of knowledge, adding leadership skills onto everything else.

After a two-year assignment as flight control officer, Han was transferred over to a smaller, Nova-class vessel known as the USS Cassini, which, at the time was commanded by a woman who had recently lost half her flight staff to what had been described to him as a case of 'backseat piloting.' Promoted to Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer on the spot, Han was soon thrust into one of the most chaotic assignments he could have imagined. He managed through two years upon the Cassini, before a sudden retirement on part of the CO forced the whole of the Cassini's crew to return to Earth for reassignment while everything blew over. Han took the break in his personal assignment to return home to check on his family, something he had not done as well as he could have over the course of the few years. He took a month long leave to do so.

Han returned to Starfleet when an old friend on the Taurus contacted him for a favor. It seemed that while they had a full complement of senior staff, the Chief Operations Officer was having issues stepping into the new role. Graciously accepting the offer of acting as a leadership consultant and shadow for the department, Han would adapt to his new position with little issue, learning what he could in order to excel in the position. He would remain in the position for two years, until the Chief of Ops felt comfortable enough in the role and Han could move on, which he would do in the form of a Chief of Ops posting of his own on the USS Guinevere.

During this posting, Han's spark of ambition lit again. He yearned to do more than just bounce around departments, or stay in one spot for a number of years. Instead, he took the opportunity on the Guinevere to leap into Command Training, throwing his application as Executive Officer at just about every opportunity that presented itself. But he had little help, and while he had a good reputation as a leader, he also knew he came with a file full of little issues.

But, after a year of waiting, a little Luna-class ship's commission appeared on his desk. He had heard rumors of the Commander involved, but that did little to stop him from applying.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2381 -2384 [Freshman - Junior Grade]
USS Vegas 2385 [Cadet Cruise Senior Year; Support Craft Pilot]
USS Vegas 2386 [Graduation, Promotion to Ensign]
USS Vegas 2386 - 2388 [Ensign; Support Craft Pilot]
USS Taurus 2388 - 2390 [Ensign; Flight Control Officer]
USS Utanu 2390-2391 [Ensign-Lt. Jr. Grade; Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer]
~*1 Month Leave in 2391*~
USS Taurus 2392 - 2394 [Lt. Jr. Grade-Lieutenant; Assistant Chief Operations Officer]
USS Guinevere 2395 - [Lieutenant; Chief Operations Officer]
USS Triton 2396 - Onward [Lieutenant Commander; Executive Officer]