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Lieutenant Commander Vriaral Dariars

Name Vriaral Dariars

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Orientation Bisexual
Age 32

Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 166
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Vriaral is most easily described as someone who appears to be entirely average looking. he tends to slip from the mind moments after meeting him.

The features which set him apart from his peers is his taller than average height, his generous shoulder width and perhaps most obviously his strikingly light blue eyes.


Father Arzaar Tabaal
Mother Jimis Tabaal
Sister(s) Surah Dehn

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is generally laid back and calm with a strong moral compass and code of ethics, though he doesn't always colour inside the lines. He is also self-disciplined thanks to the fact he now co-exists with a symbiotic organism.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Knowledgeable
+easy going and fun

-thinks everything should be completely fair,
-brutally honest
Ambitions To have ambition. He was always happy with his lot in life before the joining.
Hobbies & Interests Extreme sports, outdoor activities, reading, holo-novels
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard and Trill

Personal History History of the Dariars Symbiont

Host One: Hedrian Dariars, Engineer
Host Two: Ral Dariars, Doctor
Host Three: Jessau Dariars, Botanist
Host Four: Neril Dariars, Starfleet Captain

Vriaral grew up on the Trill homeworld in a normal competitive household. He was always the odd one out despite his competitive in school and other activates it was never to joined. He never considered himself worthy or ambitious enough of such an honour because of the knowledge of only 1 in 1000 Trills only being suitable to be a host he never assumed he was suitable. With that knowledge, he threw himself into other things and eventually passed his entrance to Starfleet wanting to join as an Engineer to build things.

He made a few friends over the years at the Academy but never really met anyone he clicked with enough, it didn’t help that for the first few years he was left on Gamma watch to wither and die from boredom until a chance encounter with someone on Shore leave that things looked up and he was transferred to Alpha watch. It turned out the woman he had helped when her shuttle had broken down was the new Captain and she had appreciated his straight-talking attitude. Eventually, he was promoted and moved ships taking on a bigger ship as Assistant Chief on the Drake and Victory eventually which he enjoyed finding the ships and crews matched his pace of life and excitement.

Vriaral settled into the routine of his quiet life until the day the Victory received a mayday from another federation ship that had suffered major power surges which killed and injured a lot of crew including their captain. The Crew of the Federation ship mayday to find another ship with possible Trill Crew on board as the Captain’s symbiont was fading face. Vriaral ship only had two Trill crew members onboard and the female yeoman wasn’t compatible so the Engineer had to join with the Dariars Symbiont. The man didn’t remember the next few days but knew enough to remember that he was very confused and scared by the sudden influx of memories when he had, had no training, no testing but it was too late to change his mind now.

Starfleet gave him leave of absence but he struggled for over two years until he found his feet again and worked out who he was again. It was hard knowing he suddenly knew how to cook or that he enjoyed flowers and especially how much he suddenly knew about Engines that didn’t belong in Starfleet anymore. Once he was settled again he returned with a promotion as temporary Chief of Engineering. He didn’t enjoy being back in Starfleet on the Thirsk and was happy to get off as soon as possible even if he felt like he was being sidelined to the shipyards because of his struggles.
Service Record Engineering Cadet| Starfleet Academy | 2379 - 2381
Ensign | Academy Assignment |USS Bismarck| Engineering Officer - Gamma Watch | 2381
Ensign | USS Bismarck | Engineering Officer - Alpha Watch | 2381 -2384
Lieutenant JG | USS Drake | Asst Chief Of Engineering | 2384 to 2386
Lieutenant | USS Victory | Asst Chief Of Engineering| 2386 to 2388
Lieutenant | Leave of Absence | 2388 | RESTRICTED ACCESS
Lieutenant | USS Thirsk | Temporary Chief Engineering Officer| Early 2389
Lieutenant | Proxima Maintenance Yards| Engineer | Early 2389 – 2394
Lieutenant | Starbase 80/ USS Camelot |Chief Engineering Officer| Early 2394 - 2395
Lieutenant | USS Archimedes |Chief Engineering Officer| 2395 - 2396
Lieutenant | USS Triton |Chief Engineering Officer| CURRENT