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Commander Soraya Rezvani

Name Soraya Rezvani

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Colonial)
Orientation Heterosexual
Age 40
Birthdate 2356
Birthplace Setareh VI

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EF-322-7926
Security Clearance Alpha-1
Duty Station Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Soraya is fairly small and diminutive in both stature and frame. As a matter of style and tradition she keeps her dark brown hair partially covered whenever possible. Despite her modest size, she carries herself with a stately bearing that lends quiet authority and legitimacy to her presence. Her empathetic, genuine, and understanding personality shines through in sympathetic eyes and a quick, warm smile. Off-duty she chooses elegant clothing that tends toward conservative styles but leaves her approachable and not aloof.

Body Art Soraya occasionally wears earrings and other adornments but only while off-duty and never anything requiring the skin to be pierced or otherwise altered.


Father Dr. Mehrdad Rezvani: By all accounts a very quiet and serious man, he is one of the Federation's foremost experts on the preservation and conservation of marine habitats. Dariush and Soraya both inherited a certain severity from the elder Rezvani, as well as a love for the sciences. The loss of his son in the Dominion War embittered him, greatly diminishing his professional and personal lives. Dariush's recovery from Dominion space has given him a new lease on life.

Mother Naadia Nakhjavani: Before assuming her position in the Federation government in Paris, she was a film and stage actress, as well as an occasional producer and director. Though a polarizing figure on her native Setareh VI, she rose to prominence as a cultural icon who regularly spoke against the planet's traditionally conservative government and society. In a contentious election she secured Setareh's Federation Council seat. She is a committed pacifist and has been critical of the militarization of Starfleet.

Brother(s) Dariush Rezvani: A warrior-poet, he was reported killed in action by Starfleet at the conclusion of the Dominion War, though his remains were never found. He served as a medic with the Setareh militia forces participating in the core worlds defense initiative against invading Jem'Hadar forces. His loss had a profound effect on the Rezvani family. Soraya led a clandestine mission to the Gamma Quadrant to rescue Dariush along with several other unreported prisoners of war being held by a servitor race of the Founders.

Sister(s) Shirin Rezvani: The youngest member of the family, she is every bit her mother's daughter: sarcastic, witty, and rebellious. Through no end of mischief, her childhood served as a counterpoint to the seriousness of her father and older brother and sister. Her vibrant and indomitable spirit were chiefly responsible for pulling the family out of its depression following Dariush's disappearance. She recently graduated as a structural engineer from Starfleet Academy and currently serves on Jupiter station designing infrastructure for Federation colonies.

Pet(s) Puff: A gift from the Grand Nagus during her command of the Viking, Soraya has grown surprisingly attached to her pet Tribble. It is a rare and exotic subspecies (Tribleustes ventricosus splendidus) that retains the Tribble's originally slow reproductive rates, allowing it to comply with Starfleet regulations.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Soraya is a naturally social person with robust social relationships. She has been described by colleagues as warm and approachable; indeed, she has little desire to issue dictates from on high and prefers instead to work alongside subordinates as much as possible. She trusts her senior staff and relies on their expertise, though she is not above challenging it if she feels she has grounds to do so. Her consultative leadership style leaves her receptive to change and new ideas, and she has a healthy appreciation for the specialization among Starfleet personnel. Nevertheless, she has a very strong moral compass and can be overbearing in its application.

She has an ability to connect with others on an intimate level and uses that gift to try to maintain a supportive, happy environment for those under her command, who she sees as an extension of family. She has an "open door" policy that allows anyone from the crew to approach her with an issue or problem. In the workplace she is extremely meticulous, appreciates attention to detail, and works to exceed expectations; ultimately, she expects the same level of commitment out of her crew. Her altruistic nature sees work as a form of worship and helps to give the mundane purpose. Though bordering on the arrogant, she sees her way of life as a fulfilling and universally fitting one, which can make her overbearing when dealing with other approaches.

Strengths & Weaknesses + Maternal/Protective
+ Humanitarian
+ Consultative leadership
+ Loyal

- Humble
- Consultative leadership
- Overly altruistic
- Political baggage

Ambitions Soraya’s ambitions are limited in some respects by her personal commitment to altruism. She seeks to create an environment aboard the ship that allows the crew to flourish personally and professionally and hopes to make her own mark on the Federation through good works. In more recent years, she has become committed to polishing her tarnished reputation with Starfleet Command.

Hobbies & Interests calligraphy, poetry, saxophone, tea culture, astronomy, ghalamzani (metalworking)

Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Persian, Romulan

Personal History
“Ten years ago on my fifteenth birthday my father gave a journal to me and the inscription said: ‘Azizam, yours is a high destiny among the stars. But keep your feet firmly planted and your soul humble. Be ever mindful of the nobility with which you were created and the purpose for which we were all made: to love and to serve one another. Do not be content with the ease of a passing day, and never barter the promise of eternal life for the dust-heap of the mortal world.’ I read the inscription every day and find that it is an immensely difficult struggle to stay true to that path. But is there any greater calling or a life more rewarding? Truly, I think not...”
- Lieutenant (JG) Soraya Rezvani, USS Europa, Personal Log, Stardate 59219.4

Soraya was born on the deeply conservative colony world of Setarah VI to Dr. Mehrdad Rezvani, a civil engineer for the colonial government, and Dr. Naadia (Nakhjavani) Rezvani, a fisheries scientist with the Federation Department of Agriculture. The first daughter of well-educated and ambitious parents meant high, exacting standards in both school and personal conduct for the entirety of her formative years. Her mother especially emphasized the importance of a strong female figure within family life and laid the early foundations for a life of initiative and leadership through compassion, concern, and good works. She inherited a tempered severity from both parents that gave her focus in school and set her apart from her peers, many of whom seemed more than willing to shirk their duties and responsibilities in favor of a trip to the local oasis.

Meanwhile, Soraya filled her own days with rigorous academic and religious education; the pursuit of the arts, including calligraphy, poetry, and the somewhat unorthodox saxophone; community service; and quality time with her family, particularly her two siblings. While many characterized her as impossibly naive and sheltered, she was nonetheless aware of, understood, and appreciated the need for the mischievousness of her peers but simply never felt inclined to join in.

“In peace sons bury fathers, but in war fathers bury sons.”
- Herodotus, Book 1 Chapter 87, “The Histories,” Earth

At the outset of the Dominion War, the colonial government of Setareh VI placed the entirety of its local militia under the control of Starfleet Command, including Soraya’s older brother, Dariush, who served as a medic. Following the battle for Deep Space Nine and initial losses at the Battle of Tyra, Starfleet activated Dariush’s unit and deployed them with a Marine Corps contingent to Betazed as part of the core worlds defense plan. In the 2374 invasion of that planet the Setareh unit was quickly overrun and Dariush’s body, along with many of his comrades, was never recovered; he was initially classified as missing in action and later declared killed in action at the conclusion of official Betazed reconstruction efforts in 2383.

The loss hit the family hard, particularly the committed pacifist Dr. Mehrdad Rezvani who had encouraged his only son to declare as a conscientious objector rather than participate in what was certain to be a brutal conflict. The strain of the loss of Dariush put Soraya’s entry into Starfleet Academy in jeopardy; her father objected in the extreme, and it was only the absolute laid down by her mother that allowed her to continue with her chosen career path.

"Some question how a perfect Deity could create a universe filled with so much evil, hatred, and violence. They have missed the more perplexing question: why would a perfect Deity create a universe at all? But all these questions are secondary - leave them to mountaintop vedeks and those souls that find comfort in pursuits that begin and end in words and words alone. Seek instead to accept the universe for the way it is and find ways to alleviate the suffering of those who find themselves at its mercy."
- Kai Eila Wenyo, “A Blessed Struggle,” Bajor

Three months after Soraya arrived at Starfleet Academy, Breen forces attacked Earth and inflicted significant damage against Starfleet’s San Francisco campus. Although the Academy was largely spared, the psychological effects were nonetheless great; afterward, Soraya noted a disturbingly militant tone to the student body with many cadets volunteering for dangerous, risky missions and those with specific aptitudes being rushed to fill gaps in the dwindling officer corps. She found herself appalled in equal turns by the brutality of the war itself and the outright barbarism and racism many students degenerated into. Soraya made a personal commitment to reconsecrate herself to the Federation’s guiding principles and declined all such warmongering opportunities. She chose instead to double down on her studies, pray for an end to the violence, and hope for a return to Starfleet’s original mission by the time her education was completed.

At the Academy, Soraya pursued a degree in stellar cartography and astronomy and developed a specific interest in nebulae and their associated stellar phenomenon. In general, she excelled in the sciences; wilderness survival exercises; and team exercises. For extracurricular activities, Soraya was a member of the student government’s science advisory committee; the Colonial Worlds Student Association; the Vanderbilt Jazz Band; the Astronomical Society; and the Persian Society.

“The popular stereotype of the researcher is that of a skeptic and a pessimist. Nothing could be further from the truth! Scientists must be optimists at heart, in order to block out the incessant chorus of those who say ‘it cannot be done.’”
- Academician Prokhor Zakharov, Academy of Science commencement speech, Deneb IV, Stardate 44332.5

After graduation, Soraya was presented with a number of opportunities to serve in the fleet; the war had concluded almost four years prior there were still significant gaps in the officer corps. Under the advisement of her parents, she chose to delay her posting by enrolling in a stellar cartography graduate program operated by the Sciences Division of Starfleet that included a year’s worth of field study on Starbase 241 near the Alteran Expanse. She wagered that by deferring entry into the fleet and specializing further she could be of great service to the Federation.

Her service during the program was academically stimulating and time on Starbase 241 was enlightening in terms of the responsibilities of being a member of the officer corps and the Sciences Division, but the work itself - studying relayed sensor data from the Alteran Expanse - seemed largely routine and unsatisfying. By the time she earned her master’s degree in stellar cartography, Soraya had scrapped all plans to pursue a Ph.D. and yearned for a new experience within the fleet.

"That may be the most important thing to understand about humans. It is the unknown that defines our existence. We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions. We are explorers. We explore our lives day by day, and we explore the galaxy trying to expand the boundaries of our knowledge. And that is why I am here: not to conquer you with weapons or ideas, but to coexist and learn."
- Commander Benjamin Sisko upon meeting the Prophets, Stardate 46392.7

In 2381, Soraya was transferred to one of the fleet’s new Luna-class long-range explorers prior to a five year exploration mission to the Gamma Quadrant. The Europa’s journey was the third such expedition launched into the largely unexplored quadrant of space since the conclusion of the Dominion War and offered up a large number of scientific discoveries, including three first contact missions and a new class of nebula.

However, the most important discovery for Soraya was that she found herself less suited to academic and field research and more attracted to team leadership and functioning in a support role in the science department for other researchers. The Chief and Assistant Chief Science Officers were appreciative of her assistance in the day-to-day operation of the department, as well as the assistance and dynamic she lent to teamwork, and supported her ambitions as much as possible. Rather than locking herself in a laboratory where she might end up doing the least good given her inclinations and disinterest in lab work, she decided to place herself on a command track within the fleet’s continuing education system. Critically, the CSO of the Europa acted as her mentor and helped secure Soraya’s new position as ACSO aboard the Merrimac after the Europa’s return to the Alpha Quadrant.

"Soon will our handful of days, our vanishing life, be gone, and we shall pass, empty-handed, into the hollow that is dug for those who speak no more. We must gird ourselves for service, kindle love's flame, and burn away in its heat. We must loose our tongues till we set the wide world's heart afire, and with bright rays of guidance blot out the armies of the night, and then, on the field of sacrifice, fling down our very lives."
- Selections from the Writings of `Abdu'l-Baha, Earth

The Hobus Incident of 2387 had a profound effect on Soraya. As entire planetary societies broke down into wanton violence over the competition for limited resources, the tales of suffering and instability coming out of the former Romulan Star Empire moved her into applying for a position aboard one of the Starfleet ships tasked with providing evacuation and humanitarian assistance. She described the task of managing a science department aboard a massive Galaxy-class starship as “nothing short of a bureaucratic nightmare” and found herself in a deeply personal struggle with faith and certitude in the face of vast Romulan suffering. Nevertheless, she often recalls stories of her time aboard the Venture and describes as one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

"You'll find that more happens on the bridge of a starship than just carrying out orders and observing regulations. There's a sense of loyalty to the men and women you serve with... a sense of family."
- Captain Hikaru Sulu, USS Excelsior

While Soraya learned many valuable lessons aboard the Venture, the most important to her future career was that she preferred to serve aboard smaller ships. The size of the ship’s crew clashed badly with her management style, which relied upon consultation and personal relationships with the officers and crew under her supervision. The Nova-class Pulsar proved to be a better fit for her personality, allowing her to excel at managing the crew and earn a praiseworthy recommendation from her commanding officer for promotion when command of the Viking became available.

"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life."
- Captain Jean-Luc Picard, counseling Lieutenant Commander Data after a loss in the game Strategema

While in command of the Viking, Soraya led missions that established contact with the sentient planet known as Mother; freed Indisian prisoners held in an unethical justice system; intervened to prevent an artificial intelligence from destroying a pre-warp civilization; negotiated with the Ferengi Grand Nagus; assisted a fledgling Romulan colony; rescued personnel classified as "missing in action" during the Dominion War from their captors within the Gamma Quadrant; and returned the ship to the normal space-time continuum after being displaced to the year 2617.

After their temporal displacement, she was subjected to a board of inquiry that reviewed her command decisions. She emerged without a more formal legal process, but she agreed to resign command of the Viking and accept a demotion to commander. With her reputation and confidence shaken and struggling with the scars of their mission in the year 2617, Soraya left fleet operations and accepted a position with Starfleet Academy's Command School teaching leadership ethics. Through a long, arduous process of self-rediscovery she was moved to resign at the Academy and accept command of a science vessel, the USS Triton.

Service Record 2357: Born on Setareh VI (Federation colony)
2375: Accepted into Starfleet Academy
2379: Graduates Starfleet Academy with the rank of ENS
2379: Joins SF Sciences Division stellar cartography graduate program
2380: Transferred to Starbase 241 for field research
2381: Completes M.Sc. in Stellar Cartography
2381: Promoted to LT(JG), transferred to USS Europa (Luna) as Science Officer
2385: Promoted to LT aboard USS Europa (Luna)
2386: Transferred to USS Merrimac (Nebula) as Assistant Chief Science Officer
2387: Promoted to LCDR, transferred to USS Venture (Galaxy) as Chief Science Officer
2389: Transferred to USS Pulsar (Nova) as Executive Officer
2392: Promoted to CMDR, transferred to USS Viking (Intrepid) as Commanding Officer
2393: Promoted to CAPT aboard USS Viking (Intrepid)
2395: Resigned as Commanding Officer, USS Viking (Intrepid)
2395: Demoted to CMDR following Starfleet Command inquest
2395: Transferred to Starfleet Academy Command School as Instructor
2396: Transferred to USS Triton (Luna) as Commanding Officer


Triton's Conch | 03.05.2020 | Awarded to the founding players of the USS Triton in recognition of their support, commitment, and contributions to making the simulation a success. (Joined in first 3 months of operation.)

Cut the Green Wire | 05.28.2020 | Awarded for participating in defusing the Breen protomatter bomb planted on the Triton in Mission 00: Tick-Tock in the post "Tick Tock Merrily Sings The Explosive Protomatter Device."

Port of Call: SB50 | 05.28.2020 | Awarded for the posts "Inviting Darkness," "Quality Officers," "Masterful Musical Meetings," and "An Even(ish) Trade" located on Starbase 50 during Mission 00: Tick-Tock.

Captain's Personal Merit | 05.28.2020 | Awarded to Paul for his contributions with Zyrra Thelin. He had valuable and inventive involvement in Mission 00: Tick-Tock's plot and met the challenge of writing an often difficult species to play.