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Mission 00: Tick-Tock Awards

Posted on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 2:45am by Commander Soraya Rezvani

Although we have a lingering post or two out there for Mission 00: Tick-Tock, I've closed it off to new posts in Nova. Which means it's awards time! Remember that you can (and should) nominate your fellow players for awards at any time by visiting this link. I'll be adding these awards to character bios in the coming days. Congratulations, everyone!

Captain's Personal Merit: Awarded solely at the captain's discretion and generally given at least once per mission. It can be used to recognize quality contributions to the ship's story line, out of character contributions to the maintenance of the game, or anything else the commanding officer wishes to highlight.

Ensign Zyrra Thelin (Paul): The Captain's Personal Merit award for Mission 00 goes to Paul for his contributions with Zyrra Thelin, our local sassy Andorian. He had valuable and inventive involvement in the mission's plot, and he's also met the challenge of writing an often difficult species to play. Did you know there are only three other Andorian player characters in the whole fleet? I'm looking forward to seeing more of Zyrra sassin' in action!

Cut the Green Wire: Awarded for participating in defusing the Breen protomatter bomb planted on the Triton in Mission 00: Tick-Tock in the post "Tick Tock Merrily Sings The Explosive Protomatter Device."

Commander Soraya Rezvani (Bryan)
Lieutenant Commander Vriaral Dariars (Becca)
Ensign Zyrra Thelin (Paul)
Senior Chief Petty Officer Jaylen Elam (Malcolm)

Port of Call - SB50: Awarded for making a post located on Starbase 50 during Mission 00: Tick-Tock.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Jaylen Elam (Malcolm) for "Arrivals"
Commander Soraya Rezvani (Bryan) for "Inviting Darkness," "Quality Officers," "Masterful Musical Meetings," and "An Even(ish) Trade"
Lieutenant Commander Vriaral Dariars (Becca) for "Inviting Darkness"
Ensign Zyrra Thelin (Paul) for "Quality Officers"
Lieutenant Commander Hanuel Seong (Shi) for "Masterful Musical Meetings"
Lieutenant JG T'savo (Arlie) for "Unto the Breech" and "An Even(ish) Trade"

Triton's Conch: Awarded to the founding players of the USS Triton in recognition of their support, commitment, and contributions to making the simulation a success. (Joined in the first 3 months of operation.)

Commander Soraya Rezvani (Bryan) - Mar 5th, 2020
Lieutenant Commander Vriaral Dariars (Becca) - Mar 6th, 2020
Lieutenant Commander Hanuel Seong (Shi) - Mar 17th, 2020
Ensign Zyrra Thelin (Paul) - Mar 18th, 2020
Senior Chief Petty Officer Jaylen Elam (Malcolm) - Mar 21st, 2020
Centurion Llaiir t'Seroht (Sean) - Apr 3rd, 2020
Lieutenant Khrysara Ral (Nate) - Apr 3rd, 2020
Lieutenant Cassius Eurus (Eli) - Apr 5th, 2020
Lieutenant Xavier Leiko (Kieran) - Apr 21st, 2020
Lieutenant JG T'savo (Arlie) - Apr 21st, 2020
Ensign Jarin Nun (Avraham) - May 11th, 2020
Lieutenant Ren Trell (Rob) - May 18th, 2020


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