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New Player - Bruno (Torlek) & Personnel Changes

Posted on Sun Jun 7th, 2020 @ 2:03am by Commander Soraya Rezvani
Edited on Mon Jun 8th, 2020 @ 6:19am

Howdy, y'all! We have a new player coming aboard. Bruno will be introducing Torlek Stone, son of Chang, of the House Torlek! Ensign Stone will be our new Klingon diplomatic officer. Yes, that's right. Our new Klingon diplomatic officer. But don't worry, he's quite tame. More human than Klingon, like a reverse Worf. Bruno comes to us from Portugal, so he'll be joining our growing legion of European players. He's an avid gamer - PC, board, etc. - and has written in other fleets, so he's no stranger to the genre.

Two other personnel matters of note:

(1) Lieutenant Ren Trell has shifted over from the science department to the security department. Sometimes you just need to put down the tricorder and pick up a phaser rifle, am I right?

(2) Arlie is going to be joining our senior staff as Lieutenant JG Arlina, the new Rigelian chief science officer. That'll complete our senior staff and fill in a critical role on our science ship! (Lieutenant JG T'savo will be sticking around in the medical department as an NPC.)


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