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Pride & Triton

Posted on Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 @ 3:30am by Commander Soraya Rezvani

Howdy, y'all! It's the month of June, which is LGBTQ+ Pride Month for us here in the United States, and I've changed our website & Discord channel just a bit to celebrate! I also wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences on the matter within our community.

Over the (many) years I've been participating, I've seen Star Trek simming change quite a bit. When I first started participating about 20 years ago, sexuality was essentially a forbidden topic. And as a player in a same-sex relationship who sometimes writes characters in same-sex relationships, I've not always felt welcome on different simulations. I've been unduly criticized. I've had my storylines ridiculed and openly mocked. I've myself been sexually harassed by other players. And this kind of intolerance has extended beyond the issue of sexuality - I've been criticized over issues of gender, religion, and race, too.

My personal experiences have helped shape the kind of community vision that I have for the Triton. Things are a lot better now, of course, both in our Trek community and the wider world, but that doesn't mean we're without issues. That's why I want the Triton to openly be a safe space for our writers, so that they can explore whatever stories they like without having to worry about judgment, interference, or outright bigotry from those around them.

I'm so glad that so many of you have hopped on board with us, joined our community, and helped promulgate that sense of acceptance. So, here's to many more stories from many more of us exploring infinite diversity in infinite combinations!

- Bryan


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